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About Me

Hello fellow viewers, if you are reading this you are probably wondering ‘who on earth is Amused Angel?’ Settle in and get comfy while I tell you the tale of the Amused Angel.

The person behind ‘Amused Angel Reading’ is me, Angelia Meffe. I’m a social media manager based out of Vaughan, Ontario. Graduated from the University of Toronto with a Specialist in Digital Enterprise Management (DEM) and a minor in Classics. This blog is the perfect amalgamation of my past education and professional experience.

Fun Fact: The English word for ‘Angel’ came from the Greek term for message. Did you know that the name ‘Angelia’ is from the Greek name ‘Ανγελια’ which means message (angelos). In Greek mythology Angelia is known at the daughter of Hermes, the messenger of the gods. Angelia is believed to be the divine personification of messages, tidings and proclamations. It is fitting for this blog be called “Amused Angel Reading’ since I ‘Angelia’ get very amused when immersed deep into a book (preferable one that deals Classics).


Honored to have a name that connects ones passion for Classics with their unique identity. My whole life I have been intrigued by the shadows casted by Greek mythology throughout our society. One large shadow coming from the name Athena. To many Athena is known as one of twelve Olympians in the ancient Greek pantheon and is the patron goddess to the city of Athens. When I hear this name, I am immediately reminded of my younger sister who happens to share her name with the goddess of wisdom. One would assume that I come from a family that hails from lands of Greece but that would be a false assumption. Born a proud second generation Canadian to a family whose ancestors immigrated to Canada from Italy. My mother’s family came from the northern Italian region of Veneto in the province Treviso, while my father’s family came from the southern Italian region of Molise in the province of Campobasso. I share this information with you folks because these are some of the facts that help to support the foundation in what helps to inspire the content I create.


This blog originally started as an Instagram account dedicated to book aesthetic images and book reviews. These types of Instagram accounts are made up by a niche community of people who referrer to this type of creative content as Bookstagram. While partaking a course (SCS 2875) at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies I was inspired by the words of my instructor Alison Garwood-Jones. She stated that “content that we create on social media is only rented space and we do not own any of it. The only way to gain control of your content it to own your own digital real-estate.” From those words this current blog that you are on was born. I have invested countless hours on bookstagram content and now I shall claim full ownership through the growth and development of

Photo by Louis Paulin on Unsplash.png

The images shared on this blog and Bookstagram all share a signature aesthetic. To summarize aesthetic into three words:

Sunflower: Seeing these flowers release a wave of serotonin for me because it reminds of fond childhood memories with my Nonna (grandmother).

Opulence: Seeing the halls of Versailles and the golden staircases of the Venetian Doge’s palace has left a lasting impression on the dream home aesthetic I aspire to have.  

Literature:  It can’t be a true bookstagram / book blog without the beautiful bond stories which teleport readers to unimaginable lands filled with gods, monsters and sassy sidekicks.   

With this blog I hope to share visually appealing and insightful content which will help readers to understand the innovative connection modern books have to Classics. I hope to help aid the classic conversation amongst other passionate classicist and book lovers alike.




  2. Pindar, Olympian Ode 8. 81 ff (trans. Conway) (Greek lyric C5th B.C.) :
    "From Hermes’ daughter, the maid Angelia (Message), Iphion shall hear and to Kallimakhos (Callimachus) tell the rich lustre of Olympia's glory, that Zeus has now bestowed unto their race."



Last updated: October 16, 2021

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